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Gemma Lux - Amazing girl - She's a Pole dancer talented

 Gemma Lux is the best!! When she's teaching Pole dance, she feel so good, because pole dance is inside her. Pole dance for her is a lifestyle, not just a work. She gets to do a pole dance class to be fun. All people like about her.

All the movements in pole dance she makes like a angel! She transmits energy and good vibes. It's very important.
 The contact with the pole is her life!!
My dear Gemma, you are not only an amazing girl, but a super professional too.

All you do in your life you do with love, this is the secret about your success.

These photos show some great moments about Gemma!! Always happy and smiling!

I love her, a big sister in my life. Talking about this friend is great for me. She make an excellent work and she deserves it!! she deserves the world!
 I know that you will win several things in you life, because it's just the beginning!!

You are like a Freddie Mercury's song " Don't stop me now".

She is a very nice and incredible body, but the most important is the inside part!! She is complete because she has both parts awesome. 

Always with beautiful clothes, an amazing
high-heeled shoes she really rocks in her performance.

I'm proud of you!! My sister!! 

I love you everyday more and more because you always show me more great things about you. you are a lady, a perfect lady!!

I'm here to say every single day in my life that you are fabulous!

Kisses for you!!! 

I would like to say congrat's for you and your husband because I know you are happy with him. It's fantastic to see you smiling!!
This pic is so nice!! 
I with you both all good forever and ever!!

Only great moments together!! 

Beautiful photos by Angelo Halk: Site: Link

Beautiful  photos By Christopher W. Weeks. Link

Gemma's Instagram: Link 

Gemma Lux ⭐️Pole Dancer, Instructor, Manager @ImpulsePoleDanceBrandon ⭐️BrandAmbassador @ArtistaActiveWear ⚡️CRNP Studio Instructor Peace✌️Love💛PoleDance👑 www.polefitnessbrandon.com

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