quinta-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2015

Interview with Suzie Q Corbett - She is an amazing Pole Dance!!

 Suzie Q Corbett is an amazing Pole dance that live in
Sydney, Australia!! She is owner Suzie Q Boutique Fitness - Gold Coast. She told me several things about her life, pole dance and all thing that she likes to do. It was a pleasure to know about you my friend!! Congrat's for your job, You really have a great career!!

     1 - When did you decide to practice Pole Dance? Tell me some details about your first class? Did you begin pole dancing in 2000 ? Explain more.

I began stripping in a Gentleman’s Club in Sydney in 2000 – there weren’t any pole classes back then! Bobbi performed as a Showgirl in the club I was working in and I always used to stop whatever I was doing so I could go and watch her perform – she was a huge inspiration to me. Shortly after she opened Bobbi’s Pole Studio opened in 2004 I approached her about becoming a teacher and I am forever grateful that she said yes!

2 - How is life on the Gold Coast, Australia? What do you like to do? Tell me more about it.

I love living on the Gold Coast! I regularly travel back to Sydney to teach and perform there as well. The Gold Coast has some beautiful beaches, as well as gorgeous bushland which I love exploring.

3 -  Describe your training. Do you have a special training about the flexibility movements?

I practice a lot of yoga and meditation as well as training pole and aerials. I find teaching Aerial Yoga has helped the most with my flexibility – especially through my back and shoulders. Flexibility is like strength – it improves if you work at it!

4 -     What inspires you about other people pole dancing?

 I love it when people put together an entertaining pole show – fusing skills with a narrative in a unique or unusual way. My best friend in high school once told me “People are just there to be entertained” and I have tried to keep that as my mantra throughout my performing career.

       5 -  You have been Runner Up Miss Pole Dance Australia 3 times and along with your partner Toby J won the Asia Pacific Pole Championships in 2010. How did you feel about it? Was it a nice experience?

I think I’m really lucky that I never won Miss Pole Dance Australia – if I had won I would have stopped competing early on and would not have had the incredible career that I have been so lucky to have had!

    6-    You took home the bronze medal in the 2013 International Pole Championships representing Australia. Tell me more about it.

That was a bit of a crazy experience, after months of intense training and preparation my knee blew out in our tech run –I competed anyway but later found out I had ruptured my ACL and actually needed a knee reconstruction! Just goes to show that you can’t plan for everything. The down time I took for my recovery enabled me to really get into my yogic studies which has helped me further my yoga career.


       7 - You are a fully qualified fitness instructor, personal trainer and yoga teacher. Tell me about it. Congrat's for you.

        Thank you! I love fitness and getting people moving – whether that is around a pole, on a trapeze, on a spin bike or doing pilates/yoga. Studies have shown a correlation
    between people’s core strength and their sense of self-worth – I love the effect that exercise can have on people not just physically, but mentally as well. I have been drawn to yoga because of that mental/spiritual component. Our lives are so crazy busy now that having that quiet time for introspection and self-study needs to be prioritised much more.

   8 - You shot for Penthouse Magazine, Platinum Girls Magazine, VirtuaGirl HD in Versailles. How was it to do these photos?

I really enjoyed doing these shoots – it was just me, the photographer and the stylist/make up artist 
and they were all a lot of fun! VirtuaGirl was intense, we shot all my packages over three days – doing about 8 hours of pole dancing each day!

9 -  Do you feel free when you practice pole dance? Is it a lifestyle for you?

I love keeping active and fit, and that is pretty much my lifestyle – whether that’s performing, training pole or doing yoga. You only get one body and it’s really important to “use it or lose it” to keep it at optimal functionality as you get older.

10 - Did you study Communication? It’s a great area.

I have a Bachelor of Communications (Public Relations) as well as Certificates III and IV in Fitness. I’m also trained in Massage, Mindfulness as well as Iyengar, Rocket and Yin Yoga – learning is a lifelong process. I love reading and learning new things.

11 -  What do you like to eat? Do you have a favourite food?

I love food! I do try to eat fairly healthily most of the time – lots of fresh produce and lean protein. I think a “diet” is just what you eat – not something you go “on”. As long as you’re pretty sensible, most of the time you can have the odd cheeky glass of wine or piece of cake.


    12 - How do you feel about cosmetics?

I think because I have spent over ten years with full “Showgirl Face” on every weekend I now prefer not to wear a huge amount of make up in my everyday life!

   13- What do you like to wear? Tell me about your style.

I am definitely one of those “Active Wear” girls – I think because I work out, train, rehearse or teach almost every day it’s just easier to get about in fitness gear all the time, even if I am “doing absolutely nothing in my active wear”.

    14 - And about accessories and high-heeled shoes, do you like them?

Like with the make-up, spending ten years working as a stripper means that nowadays I prefer flat shoes and comfy clothes.

     15 - Do you have some outstanding moments about your career you would like to share?

I have had an absolutely insane journey with my career – from stripping at bucks nights in the mud in someone’s backyard to pole dancing at the MTV music awards and in the Hilton in Mumbai to being dressed as a keg and paraded around the
streets of Parramatta for Picture Magazine to being a finalist on Australia’s Got Talent and representing Australia at the International Pole Championships! It’s been a wild ride!

16-  When did you decide to create Suzie Q Boutique Fitness - Gold Coast?

My business partner, Charlee Fox and I opened Suzie Q Pole Studio in Western Sydney in 2008 – in 2012 we expanded to the Gold Coast with our second studio, which means I get to spend time in both Sydney and the Gold Coast!

17 -  What do you think about the Sensuality in Pole dance?

I think that the exotic dance/stripping industry is where pole dancing came from and we should not try to deny or cover up its history – yes, it is much more than that now and there are influences from Chinese Pole and Malakamb – But we need to be grateful to the Showgirls like Fawnia, Jamilla and Bobbi who were the pioneers of this movement and were brave enough to take it out of the strip clubs in the first place.

18 -  What places have you travelled to around the world? Tell me more.
I have been very lucky to have had a job that has allowed me to travel so much. Being part of the pole, yoga and circus communities means that no matter where I go in the word I have an instant “family” I can connect with. In 2016 I will be spending March and April teaching yoga and meditation at a Yoga Retreat Centre on Gili Air (a small island off Indonesia) and I will also be heading to Scotland for the last ever Edinburgh Aerial and Acrobatic Convention in September.

19 -  What’s next for you?

I am currently writing a book about my journey from becoming a stripper at 17, wining Miss Nude Australia, being in Penthouse and then opening Suzie Q Pole Studio to where I am now – studying mindfulness, Vipassana meditation and teaching yoga. It’s working title is “The Wholesome Stripper” – keep your eye out for it!