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Interview with Shanny Smith - She is amazing and tell several things about life and Pole Dance

 Shanny Smith is brilliant, so incredible and a woman that really love Pole Dance. She told me about her life, things that like. It was fantastic to know more about Shanny. She is a womam with
Strong personality,know what like to do and want to do.
 1 - Tell me more about your city Rockford, in Illinois, USA. 
   I have lived in Rockford Illinois for most of my 
life. Rockford use to be an industrial city, that made a lot of machines
 and tools, tools, the city is few hours east of the Mississippi river, 
and a few hours west of Chicago. The summers are hot and the winters are

2 - How was your first Pole dance's class ? Why did you decide to do 
pole dance ?
My first class was at a small studio, called pole Chicks in Rockford, IL. My first class was addicting, I knew instantly I had a new hobby. I wanted to try pole because as a child I had done all other types of dance and wanted to venture out.

 3 - About flexibility, how many time did you need to get these movments ?Tell some details about it.

 My legs have always been bendy, I stretch almost everyday. With pole and bendy moves, it usually requires much practice for me, but once in awhile I'll get an extreme move right away.
 4 - Do you have some outstanding moments about your Pole dance and life to share ? Tell me. 

 My outstanding moments, would be teaching pole. I met a lot of great people, and i have many great memories of helping people with their own pole journeys. It always made my day to someone get excited over a pole move they were struggling with.

5 - What do you like to do when you have free time? 

 My free time is spent with my family, aerial hoop, aerial cube, and handstands are my favorite pastime.

6 - Pole dance is it a lifestyle for you too?

Pole definitely affects my life everyday, it effects how I workout, what I eat, how I stretch.

 7 - How is your training ? 

  I train everyday, Mondays pole, Tuesday weights, Wednesday pole, Thursday pole, Friday and Saturday is aerial or pole, Sunday is rest day.

8 - Do you like to use cosmetics ? what do you like?

 No cosmetics, but I do recommend gojo for washing hands before poling.
9 - Do you have some special care with the feet? The feet are importants in Pole Dance.

 I stretch my feet everyday, I really struggle with sickle foot, I tend to over bend my feet, so I try to strength my ankles. 

 10- Tell me more about your style, what do you like to wear ? Tell me also about accessories and high-heeled shoes.

 I'm not sure what style I fit into, I enjoy strength moves and bendy poses, and combos that utilize the entire pole. For the first few years I poled in boy shorts, it wasn't until three years ago I bought my first bad kitty pole shorts. I usually don't wear shoes, because my feet look better without them, I work hard to be able to point my toes, so I'm going to show them off.

 11 - Do you like tattoos, what the meaning them? 

  I have several tattoos. For me they symbolize the different stages of my life.

12 - Do you have some prefer food? Do you take care about it?

 I try to eat healthy, but that's doesn't always happen. My general rule of thumb is they didn't eat a hundred years ago, then I probably shouldn't eat. 

13 - Here, the winter is complicated ? Are the specials things to do ?
The winters are very cold here, i have never been a winter sports gals, so I tend to stay inside and pole more than anything.

14- Leave a message. whatever.

She is a person that have a great vibe, told me
 "I'm know for wearing funky socks, I guess it's my signature look"

 For me, the most important is to be friend and Sanny is a woman that like about that too.

She has a great experience with Pole dance and aerial, and I know she is a winner!! 

She always likes to use confortable clothes and really loves to feel the nature.

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