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Dana is amazing!! She lives abroad in Germany

 Dana always like to travel, It's her passion!! She makes several videos on YouTube. Her channel is 
 American expat chatting about the good, the bad & the German.
 These videos are fantastics because she is amusing, loves to make it and she tells several things about Germany, her trips and peculiarities about these things.

Dana did a very nice and fantastic interview with Carina Schmid where she told several things about Easy German project, the beginning and go on!!!

 Dana Filming with the awesome team over in Berlin with Easy Languages!
Carina Schmid and Janusz Hamerski.

Dana was in Berlin because she went to visit  
Youtube Space in may 2015

Video here

Wanted Adventure on Facebook: Link 

 Today Dana told me:

Here the weather is getting colder...just waiting for the the Christmas markets to open in a few weeks.

Photo 1 - Hiding under my umbrella at Buckingham Palace lol
It's really pouring down today!!

 Photo 5 - Happy 4th of July! Happy Birthday America. Celebrating here in Munich with homemade red & blue popsicles...and um, hmmm OH! We also had a white napkin to catch drips. so that makes red, white & blue. 

 Dana has good vibes and she do an Excellent work
with her Channel, always helping people to
know more about Germany and the world.

Congratulations and thank you so much!!

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