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Pole Dancer Jasmine from Poletastix - Super Interview with this teacher

 1 - Tell me about your city, Düsseldorf, Germany.  How is the Pole dance here?

 Düsseldorf is a great city, I love this town. The people are very stylish and have a great mentality. Düsseldorf knows Pole Dance and the girls are always more interested in this great sport.

 2 - Why did you decide to practice Pole dance ? was great your first class?

  I was formerly a member of a showdancegroup until Jen ( my buisnesspartner) has inspired me for the pole sport. Of course, I was a little bit nervos but teaching Pole Dance for the first time was amazing and a great feeling.

 3 - Are you a teacher in PoletastiX Düsseldorf ?
  Tell me more about it.

 Yes I am Poledance Instructor at PoletastiX since 3,5 years. We teach in small groups with only 5 students and teach pole dancing, pole fitness and organize workshops ( for example : Stretching, Lap Dance ). We also perform at events.

 4 - Pole dance is a lifestyle for you ?

  Absolutely! It has changed my life. Since then, I feel healthier, more confident and more vital than ever.

 5 - About food in Germany, what do you like to eat ?

 I definitely love german Currywurst with a extremly hot sauce .

 6 - There are several movements in Pole dance, tell me about it. which one do you like? About the flexibility too, is it complicated, isn't?

 There are a lot of beautiful movements and transitions in poledance. I prefer the flexibility movements of the spinning pole. To perform at the Spinning Pole feels like flying. I love it. My favorit tricks are the Allegra Spin, Yogini an the Cocoon.

 7-  Are there some outstanding moment to share, about Pole dance ?

Of Course . Each performance of an artist and each pole dancing school in the world makes pole dancing to something special. We are on family.

 8 - Do you like to use cosmetics ? Sometimes, always, what one situations?

 I use cosmetics every day .Of course for shows more of it.

 9 - About your style, what do you like to wear?

 Since I do a lot of sports I wear mainly sportswear. Private I wear casual clothes when I'm going out with my children and in the evening I love to dress me elegant and sexy.

 10 - Do you like tatoos ? 

 Oh yeah ! Most of all I love small discreet tattoos

11 - how is your day? And about your training, too much hours ?

  I train 5 to 6 times a week and change my training programm daily. One day I'm working on my flexibility, the other day on my strength and the other I train at the pole.

 12 - You are a girl that have a great energy, amazing vibe. What your friends talk to you about it.

 Oh thank you!! My friends and my family support me in every way. They are amazing and I love them very much.

 13 - What do you like to do in free time? 

 My free time I spend with my family

14 - Leave a message, whatever.

 Thank you for your interest in me.

Jasmine works at PoletastiX Düsseldorf

This girl is fantastic and really deserve the best!!

I loved our interview and it's always amazing to talk to you!!

  Our homepage is: PoletastiX Düsseldorf

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