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Pole Dancer Ira Storchilo Live in Russia and Tell me about your life - Interview

 1 - How did you decide to start with the pole dance ? My start of pole dancing was very funny. From my childhood I hate all kinds of sport. So it is natural that I always was plump girl. But at the age of 22 I understood, that I have to start think about my body. I try a lot of different classes, for example yoga , pilates, training room.... But all of this was really boring for me... And then I try to take a class of pole dance it was love from first touch...I understood what Pole Dance is not only sport it is not only dance or art .... It is my way of understanding myself , it is my way to say people what I really think or feel... Of course it was not easy to start I wasn't strong or flexible but anyway after 9 months of training I start to perform.

 2 - Is it important to have flexibility in Pole dance ? As I said in my start I wasn't flexible. But very soon I have seen that flexibility is important part of pole dance. And at the moment my opinion is the same. Pole dance includes a lot of different parts like : strength, danceability , flexibility , artistic idea and so on....All of this need hard working, and all of this is important.
 3 - What do you like to wear? I spent a lot of time in training room near the pole , so my favorite clothes is top and shorts smile emoticon I chose clothes wich wearing I will feel not conveniently, clothes shuold decorate person and introduce your self. In monday it can be jeans with t-shirt in thuersday it can be a red dress wtih hight heels , it dipend from your mood:)

 4- Are you prepared to go to Spain ? Yes, it will be a very big competition so preparing should be very serious. What is more it was my first time in this category. I have never been in double in world competition. What is more i have never been in double with amazing Julia Irinina my teacher and friend. So this is really cool opportunity for me.

 5 - Are there some special day or situation about Pole dance to share ? In May of 2015 I become overall winner of Pole Theatre UK semi-pro . My category was very special -comedy. It was not easy to make pole performance funny, but my Trash studio team help me . And we make funny performance and it brings me comedy winner title and overall winner title. You can watch it on youtube -
 And what is more some days before i have known that I am in list of finalists Pole Art France in duoble category.
 6 - About food in Russia, what do you like ? I am from Lithuania , so here in Russia I very miss my lithuanian food. I very like lithuanian dishes like cepelinai . I very like vegetables and dont like sweets.

 7 - How is your day ? 
 My day start in Trash pole dance studio . I am the teacher of Tras pole dance studio. So very often I start and spend my days in studio .... And I really like it :)))
 8- Tell me about the Pole dance competitions that are important for you. Well ... I have to admit that in my life every competition every performance and every second on scene on stage is very , very important... I start perform in 2013 and the biggest event and the most stressful competition was Aerial Performance Tournament 2014 ... It was my first competition abroad and so far from home ... In Hong Kong. It was my first winning I was happy to tears :))) this video from Hong Kong - 
 9 - About cosmetics, do you like to use ? Ofcourse ! I am an artist so I cant imagine my life without cosmetic . I use it for scene and sometimes in every day life .
 10 - Do you know many countries? would you like to know one special? I love traveling... Traveling really inspired me, by this time I have been in China and different european countries . I very want to see New Zealand and Brazil ... I don't know why , but Im sure that this countries have something magic. 
11 - There are too much movements in Pole dance. tell me more. Talking about movements in pole dance I have to admit that think about it like art , not sport so for me every movement in polling should tell something like in dance ... So I prefer exotic pole dance ( it's dancing in high heels ) I think that it is very beautiful and feminine what is more it is very useful for women who have some problems with understanding their beauty individuality.... I recommend exotic pole dance for all women all over the world:) and of course I Love arctic pole dance for me it is the most interesting movement... I love performances which is like a small theatrical production! Thinking about pole sport .... I always admit that I like extreme pole tricking and hard tricks, but i dont like strict rules .... So pole sport is not my cup of tea .

12 - How is to live in Russia ? I love Russia, but sometimes I want to be at home in Lithuania with my family , the biggest minus of leaving in Russia is lack of my family here.

13 - Leave whatever message. Lets dance ! And you will see the magic :))))) And... Lets smile and everithing will be OK :))))))))

She works at The Pole Dance Theatre "Trash"

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