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Pole Dancer Ira Storchilo Live in Russia and Tell me about your life - Interview

 1 - How did you decide to start with the pole dance ? My start of pole dancing was very funny. From my childhood I hate all kinds of sport. So it is natural that I always was plump girl. But at the age of 22 I understood, that I have to start think about my body. I try a lot of different classes, for example yoga , pilates, training room.... But all of this was really boring for me... And then I try to take a class of pole dance it was love from first touch...I understood what Pole Dance is not only sport it is not only dance or art .... It is my way of understanding myself , it is my way to say people what I really think or feel... Of course it was not easy to start I wasn't strong or flexible but anyway after 9 months of training I start to perform.

 2 - Is it important to have flexibility in Pole dance ? As I said in my start I wasn't flexible. But very soon I have seen that flexibility is important part of pole dance. And at the moment my opinion is the same. Pole dance includes a lot of different parts like : strength, danceability , flexibility , artistic idea and so on....All of this need hard working, and all of this is important.
 3 - What do you like to wear? I spent a lot of time in training room near the pole , so my favorite clothes is top and shorts smile emoticon I chose clothes wich wearing I will feel not conveniently, clothes shuold decorate person and introduce your self. In monday it can be jeans with t-shirt in thuersday it can be a red dress wtih hight heels , it dipend from your mood:)

 4- Are you prepared to go to Spain ? Yes, it will be a very big competition so preparing should be very serious. What is more it was my first time in this category. I have never been in double in world competition. What is more i have never been in double with amazing Julia Irinina my teacher and friend. So this is really cool opportunity for me.

 5 - Are there some special day or situation about Pole dance to share ? In May of 2015 I become overall winner of Pole Theatre UK semi-pro . My category was very special -comedy. It was not easy to make pole performance funny, but my Trash studio team help me . And we make funny performance and it brings me comedy winner title and overall winner title. You can watch it on youtube -
 And what is more some days before i have known that I am in list of finalists Pole Art France in duoble category.
 6 - About food in Russia, what do you like ? I am from Lithuania , so here in Russia I very miss my lithuanian food. I very like lithuanian dishes like cepelinai . I very like vegetables and dont like sweets.

 7 - How is your day ? 
 My day start in Trash pole dance studio . I am the teacher of Tras pole dance studio. So very often I start and spend my days in studio .... And I really like it :)))
 8- Tell me about the Pole dance competitions that are important for you. Well ... I have to admit that in my life every competition every performance and every second on scene on stage is very , very important... I start perform in 2013 and the biggest event and the most stressful competition was Aerial Performance Tournament 2014 ... It was my first competition abroad and so far from home ... In Hong Kong. It was my first winning I was happy to tears :))) this video from Hong Kong - 
 9 - About cosmetics, do you like to use ? Ofcourse ! I am an artist so I cant imagine my life without cosmetic . I use it for scene and sometimes in every day life .
 10 - Do you know many countries? would you like to know one special? I love traveling... Traveling really inspired me, by this time I have been in China and different european countries . I very want to see New Zealand and Brazil ... I don't know why , but Im sure that this countries have something magic. 
11 - There are too much movements in Pole dance. tell me more. Talking about movements in pole dance I have to admit that think about it like art , not sport so for me every movement in polling should tell something like in dance ... So I prefer exotic pole dance ( it's dancing in high heels ) I think that it is very beautiful and feminine what is more it is very useful for women who have some problems with understanding their beauty individuality.... I recommend exotic pole dance for all women all over the world:) and of course I Love arctic pole dance for me it is the most interesting movement... I love performances which is like a small theatrical production! Thinking about pole sport .... I always admit that I like extreme pole tricking and hard tricks, but i dont like strict rules .... So pole sport is not my cup of tea .

12 - How is to live in Russia ? I love Russia, but sometimes I want to be at home in Lithuania with my family , the biggest minus of leaving in Russia is lack of my family here.

13 - Leave whatever message. Lets dance ! And you will see the magic :))))) And... Lets smile and everithing will be OK :))))))))

She works at The Pole Dance Theatre "Trash"

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Interview with Jeannine Wilkerling - It's amazing to talk to her

 1 - Too much people say about the Rio de Janeiro's Beach. What did you think about it? Arnold Pole Classic Brazil is very famous. Yes the beach is very famous and the most people like it because of the countless beautiful ladies with the amazing bum and the short bikinis. I think it could be true but when I visit Rio with the amazing beaches I totally love the sun and the see and the beach and waves and the lovely people. I love to drink cold coconut milk, yummi! I love the air and when I was there, it was not summer so the beaches were not full and we had so much space to relax. So we had also not the chance to see the beautiful ladies but that is not only the reason why you should go to the beaches in Rio ^^ Arnold Pole Classic is very famous, yes that is true and I must say a really big thank you to Vanessa Costa for the amazing work what she is doing for pole dance in Brazil. Also Arnold in person was there to watch what we are doing there and that is a really big step for the pole world when also big stars give us a chance to present our sport.

 Do you agree that pole dance is a lifestyle too ? Tell. Yes sure pole dance is also a life style, when friends tell their friends about the new trend then the friend have also to do it. “Here look my picture from my last lesson, you have to try it!” and after the development of Facebook and YouTube everybody wants to show what he/she can do. And if you fall in love with the new sport the most people think and feel that is their new passion and create their life around pole dance. When they will move the first what they check is if the pole can be fixed somewhere. ^^ Yes I think at the moment it is IN to make pole dance.
 3 - How was for you to learn English Language? 

 Oh yes that was so hard, first of all I must say I´m dyslexic and I learned 9 years English at school and after this 9 years I could not speak English and after the pole world became bigger and bigger I had no other chance to travel around the world and just listen what everybody was talking, I was to shy the speak English by myself. So it became better because I asked people around me to explain what they are talking about, I ask what is this in English and what this is. So I learned really slow but constantly more and more English. At home I used google translator and now I still ask my friend for some words, but I think after 8 years practice English around the world I can speak English fluent but my grammar is still my big problem and how I have to write some words. The best thing is that so most people understand me and I understand what they are talking about that is so nice and that is great because this is what pole dance bring into my life.
 4 - Tell me about your tatoos. I have some tattoo but I will tell you something about one special tattoo. It is on my left foot. When I was visiting Amy Richardson Impey in New Zealand, I met her the first time at the world championship 2009 in Jamaica, she was telling me about her religion and that she is Maori. She told me about her life and also about her tattoos and meanings. You will get a tattoo when you have a special function. Maori normally make tattoos only for Maori people not for tourists. And I ask Amy if she could arrange for me that I could get a nice tattoo with a special meaning for me from a really Maori and yes she did it, and I´m so happy and honored about it. I got a Manaia it is a mythological creature, he is the messenger between the earthly world of mortals and the domain of the spirits, and its symbol is used as a guardian against evil.

5 - Are there some special reason to like cats?
 I love cats since I was a child, I got my first cat when I was 4 years old and since then they caught my heard. I like to play and cuddle with my cats the whole day. They are nice to relax and shutdown from my business world.
  6 - how is your Pole dance's training ? The most time I teach. Tuesday-Thursday and Saturday and Sunday, and when I have free time I invited some friends to play with me on the pole mostly I ask Natalie Schönberger, it makes so much fun to train with her because we think the same way and we motivate us so much. 
 7 - what kind of musics do you like? Liquid Dupstep, Chillout, Lounge, Deep House 
8 - What's your favorite food?
 It’s a german meal its Kassler, it’s a kind of porked pig and I love steak. 
 9 - How do you describe yourself? That’s a hard question and I´m not the person who describe myself I don t want to look and be imaginary. For me it would be more interesting how the people see me and what I´m looking for them. But shortly I would say sporty, humorous, smart and full of joie de vivre.
 10 - In your opinion, whatever people can be a Pole dancer ? What the most important thing to be it ? My opinion is that everybody can learn pole dance you need just a good instructor and motivator and you must like to move and be fit. I think everybody is a pole dancer when you try it and do some nice also easy tricks or exercises permanent to train your body. To be a pole dance who makes lots of acrobatics trick and also nice fluent choreographies you have to practice a lot.

 Pictures: Photografer: Martin Hasenest (pink outfit) Christopher Wesser (portrait) Sebastian Kuse (all other).

I invite all people to take a look in Jeannine's  dvds. She is amazing!! Link to buy

International Pole Artistic Performer

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Jeannine Wilkerling is an amazing Pole Dancer - Interview

 1 - what city do you live ? Tell me about this city.

 I´m from Erlangen it is next to Nuremberg in Germany.

 2 - how is the Pole dance in Germany ? 

 We work till 2007 that it will be popular and a recognized sport it became really famous in Germany since 2009 after the media in Germany helped us to make the new sport popular. Since some years kids and men do also pole dance because it is a sport for everybody. We have now to streams the exotic pole dance and the pole sport, I think it is the same like in all other countries ^^
 3 - In Germany, the winter is so cold. what do you like to do?

 Uh yes its cold but not that cold like in Russia ^^ I do still pole dance and yes of cures after sport a warm bath for the muscles to relax. When I have time I go to a Wellness and Spa area. In the wintertime I like the most the Christmas time to decorate my house with lots of lights and sometimes I make an outdoor photoshooting with my pole but this is so cold so that I need really warm clothes and you know it is not easy to perform on a pole with clothes on. ^^

 4 - How was your first class about Pole dance?

 My first class I hold in my own studio in the pole dance academy Nuremberg, it was the first school open in Germany, I was so excited because I worked one year on my schedule, but it was so amazing that I´m still a pole dance instructor.
 5 - There are many hard movements. Tell me about it.

 Yes that’s true every day I found new ones you must be on the one hand really flexi or on the other hand really strong. I´m in the middle so I cannot do from each side the hardest tricks but the middle is also really nice I can mix flexi with strength. If I really want to do an amazing hard trick I work for it but it could be that it needs years so you have to be very patient with your body but one day your dream trick come be true that a really nice feeling. 
 6 - Did you start the gymnastics with 4 years? was good ? 

 Yes I start with 4 years gymnastics that is a really nice background also like ballet or other sports. So at the beginning it is sometimes easier to learn a trick or you know how to practice to get your goal. Now I think it would be also amazing when I did gymnastics and ballet together but that’s life you cannot do all things together. 

 7 - Do you like to use cosmetics ? 

 Yes but only when I go out or for a shooting and yes of cures when I´m working with the media but the most time I don’t have cosmetics in my face I look really natural. What I do for myself is my nails.

 8 - when do you have free time, what do you like to do ?

 Normally I have no free time but when ^^ I take the time to stay with my family or relax and watch TV like my favorite TV series Supernatural. 

 9- What do you like to wear, tell me about your style.

 I like to wear white color clothes and pastel color clothes, sporty and elegant. Most time I wear trousers short and long but when we have a nice event I like to wear an amazing evening dress. Sometimes I need moths to find the right one.

 10- Do you know many countries? 

Are there some special travel to tell? I travel around the world the last years and also I think in the future. I loved to stay in New Zealand with Amy and also the great trip to Queenstown. I loved Vegas and the Grad Canon and Rio de Janeiro. I need to go to Japan to my friend Reiko and also to Hyun to South Korea and also to Hong Kong I will see where my way will go, but yes I love to travel and meet lots of nice people around the globe and visit there cities and culture, that’s the best thing what pole dance bring into my life.

 11 - I would like to say congrat's for you. You are amazing! Leave whatever message.

 Thanks for the nice opportunity to make an interview with me I loved your questions they are totally different to lots of other interviews and I think people are interested to reads also something personal about me and my pole dance life. Thank you again and I wish everybody a nice poling day!

Pictures: Photografer: Artur Davignon from "Foto Art for you"

 International Pole Artistic Performer

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