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Allison Sipes is an amazing Pole dancer professional and told several things about her life

 1 - How was your first contact with the dance ?

I started dancing ballet and other forms of dance at a young age - 5.

2 - How is your day ?

  Every day that I wake up alive and healthy is a great day!

 3 - Where do you live ? Tell me more about your life ( things you like, places).

 I live in Florida and love to travel around the world to experience different things and take pole and aerial classes with different schools. I love my Italian greyhound named Milo who is 8, and my husband Smithy whom I married on 11-11-11 at 11:11am!

 4 - When did you have your first class about Pole Dance ? was it a passion quickly? tell me.

 I discovered pole dancing at a ballet studio while looking for a part time job. A woman was renting space out of the ballet studio to run exotic cardio dance classes and approached me about teaching for her when she added poles. Pole was awkward and challenging for me at first but once I got the hang of it, I was hooked!

5 - Why did you decide to found " PASO" ?

 PoleAndAerialStudioOwner.com is a spin off from my pole and aerial studio consulting business I have been running for the past 6 years. Since pole and aerial fitness and dance have become recently popular, many studios are opening around the world by people with little to no business experience. I have discovered this through my travels with teaching pole and aerial certifications and seeing what works at the industry's leading studios and why, and apply that knowledge and experience as an instructor (and lifelong student!) to making these businesses grow and succeed. My 5 years of pharmaceutical and medical device sales experience has helped tremendously with increasing profits and retaining clients with the studios I have worked with. In 2009 I founded OnlinePoleLessons.com - a membership based site with tutorial videos for all levels of pole dancing, chair dancing, flexibility and strength training. OPL has hundreds of videos and a lot of members and traffic. I realized there wasn't a platform for pole and aerial studio owners to connect, learn from, share experiences with, and grow their business, so PoleAndAerialStudioOwner.com was born.

 6 - Recently you placed 3rd in the inaugural Miss Pole Dance America competition. How was it for you?

  Being a part of the inaugural Miss Pole Dance America was a great experience and placing 3rd was icing on the cake! I have known Alethea since 2009, and I am very proud of the production she created.

7 - About Movements in Pole Dance. Tell me more about. Flexibility, what is  hardest ?

This is kind of a difficult question to answer as what is difficult for one may be easy and vice versa. To be what I call a "triple threat" - very strong, extremely flexible, with a great performance quality is the hardest. Triple threat people I know - Rebecca Starr, Derick Pierson, Bendy Kate, and Albena Aleksandrova.

 8 - Do you have some outstanding moment in Pole Dance?

  My first big moment was mastering the handspring! After that, the Iron X - I felt like a certified bad ass LOL. Earning my Pro card at the 2010 USPDF Championships was my first big competition moment, followed by the recent placement at MPDA. Other outstanding moments are my first Florida Pole Fitness Championship being a huge success, and traveling with XPole to Europe to perform, teach and demo at FIBO.

 9  - About your syle, what do you like to wear ?

 My style is athletic with Lululemon and Mika, but also can be sexy with heels and Badkitty wear.

10 - Do you like to use cosmetics? What do you think about it ?

  My favorite make up brands are MAC and bare essentials. Ben Nye has great make up products for stage performances. Always remember - less is more!
 11 - Pole dance and dance is a lifestyle for you ?

 Pole dance and aerial arts is a lifestyle for me! Life is better upside down
12 - What do you do in free time ?

 In my free time I travel the world, take pole and aerial enrichment classes, spend time with friends and family.
 13 - Have you already demonstrated Pole dance in several Competitions ? Tell me about these experiences.

 I have competed 4 times with the USPDF and have earned Pro Status, and at the first MPDA. All were great training and learning experiences that have helped pave my way as an athlete and have inspired me to create my own competitions and events.

14 - Leave a massage, whatever.

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Photos number 3 - By Abi Bell Photography.
Photos 7, 8 and 9 - Pics from my VIP Showcase performance at the North American Pole Dance Championships-sm.

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