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Lorna Thomas - Amazing professional and Owner and principle instructor at Pole Athletes Studio

 1 - First of all, tell me more about your life
( places and things you like), where do you live ?

  I live in Derbyshire, UK. I'm originally from North London but moved up north when I was younger.

 2 - How is your day?

 My day consists of running a studio, teaching private and group classes, walking my dogs, looking after my dad and trying to squeeze in some training time.

 3 -  You started Pole Dance with no previous in dance. Tell me more, why did you decide to start it?

  I started pole to build confidence, I didn't feel very feminine and thought strutting around in high heels and skimping clothing would help ... How wrong was I when turned up to my first class!
 4 - When I say Pole Dance, what do you think ?

I think of Art, freedom and expression
5 - Miss Pole Dance UK Professional Champion 2013 and World Pole Dance Finalist 2014.
How are you feeling about it ? How was it for you?

 At the time I was completely overwhelmed, I hadn't done many comps and I didn't feel worthy of the titles. However since then I've accepted myself for the dancer that I am, and those 2 competitions definitely helped me find myself on the pole.

 6 - About tatoo, do you like it ? when did you do ?

I have 2 tattoos, my leg piece is a 'Peanix' a cross between a Phoenix and a peacock, I love the colours, the size and the statement it makes. My sleeve is a mixture of flowers, sunflowers which we had at our wedding, poppies to honour the army lads I have worked with ... And some writing I had done in LA after driving Route 66.
7 -  Tell me more about your own Pole dance school 'Pole Athletes'.

 Pole Athletes has been running for 6 years. It's my baby. I'm so amazed at how it has grown from me lugging poles every week into and out of a gym to being a full time school running lots of classes every night and offering aerial and burlesque too. The guys who come are incredible. There is a real family feel and I feel very privileged to be a part of it all.

 8 - What do you like to eat? Tell me a little more.

I'm vegetarian so I don't eat meat or fish. I love fruit and veg. But I also love cake, chocolate, sweets ... I'm not at all strict with my diet, I just do lots of exercise to make up for all the pizza I eat.
9 - About movements in Pole Dance. is there one hardest ?

  I think combinations are the hardest on the pole. Of course there are some moves like Starfish and Rainbow Marchenko which defy gravity, but actually combing them into transitions is really tricky.

10 - About your style, what do you like to wear? Follow about tendences ?

 I also train in Dragonfly clothing, they are a superb brand with amazing styles and colours, right up street. But when I'm performing I will wear whatever I think fits the theme/song. This might something I've found on the net or something Ive made

 11 - Are there one or more outstanding moment in Pole ?

I think winning Miss Pole Dance UK was incredible, but I find everyday there are incredible moments in pole, whether it's a student getting a move, or me travelling somewhere to teach.
12 - What do you like to do in free time ?

In my free time I like to get outside. I've just started tree climbing with my husband (he's an arborist), walking the dogs, seeing to my chickens and horse ... I'm definitely an outdoor girl. 

Check it out : Site about Lorna Thomas: Link

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