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Interview with Ruth talking about your trips

1 - Tell me about where did you born?


2 - Do you have an favorite place? why?
We have many favourite places, so this is a difficult question.
The favourite places for me, are not the same as the ones for my son.
But  think we both have loved Fiji, Guatemala and Romania as two that stood out for us both.
I can't just say one.

3 - About cultures, is it  easy for you to adapt it?

Not always.  Language is often a barrier, and the Australian accent doesn't help have only heard US or UK english.
Food at times can be a challenge, and so can religion - for example when we were in Morocco at Ramadan - that was tough.
I love meeting people and experiencing the "real" culture, especially if we get the chance to go to their home, and see how they live.
Some countries have traditional dress, and this too is a favourite thing for me to see.

4 - About food in all this places, do you like to try everything ? 
We try most new foods, and I love to experience local dishes.  I am surprised my nine year old ate llama and alpaca, and is becoming more adventurous too.
I have definitely changed my eating and drinking habits.
For example I never drank tea. Now I adore the herbal and natural plant teas different countries have to offer.
I loved the herb teas of Peru, and the mint tea from Morocco.

5 - Tell me some adventure or funny situation you passed.
I think the greatest adventure we both enjoyed was to travel by horse-back up the side of a volcano in Guatemala.
When we arrived near the top, we then walked over the back rock - and felt like we were on the moon.
We roasted marshmallows over the hot rocks, and then watched the sunset as it speed magma into the air.
It was just incredible.
Getting down in the pitch black by walking as the horses kept slipping, was not quite so incredible.

Recently we also stayed in Romania in the Hotel of Ice.
We ate dinner off of plates made of ice, and then  we slept on beds made of ice - in fact all the furniture and walls were ice.
It was cold, but incredible!

6 - what do you like most when are you traveling? 

I love the freedom of being able to spontaneously make a decision as to where we go, and where we stay.
I do not like going on 8 week bus tours of Europe with a crowd.  We much prefer to get in the car and take a back road, and find a little village or something unique.
I also love to motivate single Mums that thy can spend great time with their child / children by teaching them as they travel.
I love to meet people who do not speak the same language, to offer a smile, and sometimes even a hug.  A toothless grin and an arm wrapped around the shoulder of an old lady, can make both her day, and mine.
Life is not a test run. This is the real thing and we only get one chance. It will be passed before we know it, so I encourage everyone to follow their dreams.

 7 - About fashion, do you like to buy many clothes ? how is your style?

Ahh - not an easy thing for me.  I would so love a whole new wardrobe of clothes and I used to be so fashionable.
Now I have become practical, and at times this is a challenge.
But we buy clothes that are not to expensive and then we give the clothes from the last season to the poor as we travel.
We love to do 'Random Acts of Kindness' and so this is a great excuse for me to buy something new, and to pass on the old.
We have spent a lot of time helping the poor and needy in South and Central America and also Fiji, and we love to make a small difference to the lives of those who were born less fortunate than us who experience more in the world.
We all have a lot to be thankful for.

8 -  In this year, what places would like to know? DO YOU MEAN VISIT?

We are stuck with having bought a car with someone and they stopped travelling, so we were going to sell it in Turkey.
But we then found out this wasn't a legal option there, and we had to drive it out.
In this time it needed major mechanical work, and registration and insurance.
The outlay now of finances sees me needing to keep it.
So we wil have to drive it back to UK and try to sell it.
I would love to go to Africa, but the Ebola Virus situation in some countries is a worry.
There are so many countries in Eastern Europe I would still like to explore too.

9 -  how was your first trip? DO YOU MEAN WHERE?
On this journey our first country was Fiji.
We house-sat there for 6 weeks, and it was just the greatest way to start our adventure.
We both loved it.  We made so many friends, and the weather was amazing too.

10 - Your site it's amazing!! how did you decided to create it ?

Thank you - I started to write before I even sold my home and bough the tickets.
I wanted to have a record of how I step by step made the decisions, and how those decisions came to life.
I wanted to encourage others it was a possible journey for them.
I think I found it so hard to get information as a single parent on how to successfully travel and blog long term.
I am still learning, and the blogging is often harder than the travelling.
I hope I can be a resource to others, and to motivate and encourage others that it is possible even on a budget to go and explore the world.

11 - have you already  been in several  Christmas Markets ?

In 2013 we spent Christmas in Cuba and that was hard as there was little celebrating.
In 2014 we planned to be in Turkey, but it was quite depressing for my son not to experience much of theChristmas music and fun in the lead up to Christmas.
So when our pans changed, we went to Bulgaria and Romania.
We went to several Christmas Markets.
I was so excited to see the culture and meet the local sellers.
It was a highlight of Christmas for me - to drink mulled hot wine as it snowed under a real Christmas tree that reached to the sky.

12 - Leave a message, whatever.
In conclusion I'd love to thank you for the opportunity to share our journey with you.
Travel can be tough at times.  The road as a single Mum is sometimes lonely for us, but never for long.
The challenges can be big or small.
But I have learnt so much. I have become a wiser, stronger, and more capable person.
My son has grown in world wisdom beyond his years in some areas.
I do not regret my decision to travel long-term with my son for what we have seen, tasted, heard, smelt, felt, touched and learned cannot be put into words.
I hope many of you will choose to follow our journey.
And I hope I can encourage some of you to get out of your rut in life if you are in one. to take a chance, And to make your life count on this earth.
We can all make a few sacrifices to help others.
The more we give to others, and the more we see of this world gathers us inner riches.
Riches money cannot buy.

I would like to say : we loved Buzios and Cabo Frio. 
Thank you

 About some photos ©Exploramum: Staying in the Summer Residence at Brukenthal Palace, Avrig Romania.

Dinner and sleeping in a Hotel of Ice Romania - we had to ride a gondola cable car in a blizzard to get there.
Traditional New Year carollers in Romania.

Celebrating New Year's Eve in Medieval Transylvanian style Romania.

Sleigh ride - it was minus 25 degrees Celcius in the afternoon.


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Interview with Chelsea & Kinsey - Girls that love traveling

1 - Tell me about the place where did you born ? A little of culture, foods, things like that.

We come from a small coastal fishing town north of Boston called Gloucester, Massachusetts.  It’s classic New England at it’s finest with lots of beaches, fishing boats and art studios.  The delicacies around town are hot boiled lobster, clam chowder and anything fresh from the sea.  Ice-cream stands dot the coastline and seagull calls are heard in every corner of town.  

2 - Why Chelsea likes Colombia and Kinsey likes Russia? Explain more about the opinion of you.

Colombia was one of the most welcoming countries.  She was taken in by a Colombian family and went on vacation with them her first day in the country.  The food was outstanding and the country was gorgeous.
Russia changed Kinsey the most for the better.  It made her more of a confident person and pulled her out of her shell.  It was the first country outside of North America that she had been to. Add in the generosity of the Russian people and there you have it, her favorite country.

3 - When did you come to Rio de Janeiro ? Tell me about the experience in Brazil, what did you like or dislike?

We came to Rio three years ago to celebrate the New Year.  It was such a great way to ring it in that is for sure! We had a blast! The Brazilian people know how to have a good time.  We made new friends and amazing new memories.  Brazil is a great country.  We spent a month and visited, along with Rio, Ouro Preto, Florianopolis and Foz do Iguacu.   

4 - Egypt is a place where there are many traditions, habits, not? how was your days there?

Kinsey was in Egypt for only three days with a group during her time studying in Cyprus.  As a female the men were very aggressive, which took away from the whole experience.  There were times that she felt threatened enough to be nervous.  She was glad she did it with a tour because she was able to enjoy it more even with the aggressive male population.  But overall it was fun and seeing the pyramids was really a day to remember.

5 - when was that you say: we want to know the world? tell me.

We were taught as little kids to expand our horizons, to venture off into the unknown.  We were taken on trips throughout New England every year so you could say that we were bitten by the travel bug as kids and it has only manifested as we’ve gotten older.  We both studied abroad in college and that was when it really took off.  As soon as we graduated we were constantly on the road, the best place to be if you ask us.

6 - What place was more hard to communicate or to adapt ? Explain more.

China!  That was what made it the most fun though.  We could not read or speak at all.  There were lots of lost in translation moments but they were funny more than anything.  Lots of wrong train tickets purchased and wrong food ordered.  But the Chinese people are kind and endearing.  They love to help you in any way possible.  To adapt you just have to try.  Put yourself out there and see what happens.  Most of the time you get where you are going.  

7- Have you already visited several countries, haven't you? Speak a little more about this places, cultures.

Yes, we have visited several countries.  When it comes to travel you can really never be satisfied.  There is always another new place to visit and discover, places that push your own personal boundaries.  We are addicted to travel and with each country we become more and more in love with the road.

8 - What style do you have? about clothes, what do you like to wear ?

We love fashion! We like to think that we are trendy yet original.  We believe appearance is important and try to bring clothes with us while traveling that are not only functional but cool.  We bring pieces that we can mix and match and come up with different looks with the same clothes.  It can be a challenge but great fun too.  We love to collect pieces as we travel as well.  Taking inspiration from the styles of different cities is all part of the fun as well.

9 - what's your favorite food? Speak more about food in this places you know.

We really fell in love with the food in Asia.  Maybe because we haven’t had a lot of exposure to the flavors of the East.  With each meal we were more and more lovesick with the cuisine.  For example we still talk about the Vietnamese Coffee, the amazing Hong Shao Rou (Red Cooked Pork) in Hong Kong, the steamed Chinese Dumplings, and the sweet and sour friend dumplings, Banh Goi, in Hanoi, Vietnam.

10 - What place bring to you the most outstanding experience? why?

We would have to say dog sledding outside of Quebec City, Canada.  IT was such a thrilling day.  Being on the trails was really like no other.  It was a lot harder than we expected.  Feeling the power of those dogs and the thrill they got from running was beyond fun.  Speeding through the forest and learning how to control the sled was unforgettable.  Add in the winter wonderland and it was one outstanding experience!

11 - Many plans to 2015?

For 2015 we are heading to Mexico and then off to New Zealand.  This year we will be taking to the road with no real plans to return.  We will always end up back home but we are going to live abroad for a bit.  We shall see what the future will bring!

12 - Leave a message, whatever.

Our message is to take risks in life.  Most times the hardest of experiences are the best experiences because you learn the most from them.  Do not be afraid to fail in whatever it is you pursue because going after it is better than regretting not going after what you love.  Be kind because you get what you give.  Whatever it is you choose put all your passions behind it, life will be sweeter that way.

Rock On, Rock Hard
Chelsea & Kinsey

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Interview with Caterina and Chiara, two sisters from Italy

1 - Tell me where did you born in Italy? Do you like to live in Italy?

  We’re born in Fermo, a small town in the Marche region , in the  center  of Italy, on the Adriatic Coast. But now we live in different cities(Rimini and Modena) for study\work.  We think that there are both positive and negative aspects of living in Italy : lifestyle is very good, people are friendly and food is good everywhere, but on the other hand some aspects are still a bit old fashioned and there are not so many opportunities for young people.

     2 -   Tell me about the places you know in the world, cultures and things that you think interesting.

We’ve travelled a lot but for the moment only around Europe. We love travelling and discovering new cultures and places. We also have many friends who live in different European countries and we like to visit them as soon as possible. Chiara loves Irish people and culture and Caterina is in love with France.

      3 - How is the Fashion design here in Italy, what do you like more ?

 Italy is the home of fashion design, there are lots of famous haute couture designers well known all over the world but now many young designers who are re-discovering Made in Italy. As a fashion designer student, I (Chiara) think that the most important aspect  of fashion in Italy  is the high quality of Italian clothes; but, on the other hand, I think that nowadays we should improve the creativity of our style.

4 - When did you decide to do the first travel and why?
We've started to travel since we were very young. We’ve travelled a lot during school years but the first time that  we planned a trip together was in 2010. We went in London and it was love at first sight.   

     5 - Tell me more about your style, what do you like to wear ?

 We have very different styles: I (Chiara) am very creative, I like coloured clothes and original and unique outfits. While Caterina prefers a casual style and is in love with denim and comfy outfits.

        6 -   What place was more interesting to visit in your opinion, why ?

We think that all our trips were different and unique in their genre. That’s why we don’t have a favourite trip or city, but all our travels were interesting.   

     7 -  About food, tell me more this. what do you prefer to eat?

  Of course we love Italian food like pizza and pasta but, when travelling, we always try to taste local food and specialties. In fact we think that food is a fundamental aspect when you visit a foreign country.

      8 - What experiences did you have in these trips ?

 Usually when we travel abroad, we try to avoid the typical touristic paths because we think that the best way to discover a country  is to explore less known places or better to do what locals do. 

    9 -   When do you have free time, what like to do?

We don’t have a lot of  free time because we study\work, but we try to cultivate our interests  like travelling (of course J ) , going to the cinema, have fun with friends, reading or listening to music. We also have different passions like art and fashion journalism (Chiara) and playing the piano and translation (Caterina).
10 - How is the mall here, the price of things ?

Here in Italy you can find different kinds of shops: in the big malls you can find international brands with affordable prices while in the city centers usually there are the most famous boutiques with all the Italian brands, which are a bit more expensive.

   11 -    Leave a mensage, whatever you want.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year full of new wonderful travels abroad. And of course,  let’s follow us at “Fashionable Europe” (